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Sales mgr Teresa worked closely with shop owner Ed and service mgr Mark. Together they came up with a solution when the used sold as is 2006 Screamin Eagle Ultra suddenly suffered catastrophic engine failure after Id only had it 2 months. Taking into account Id been a loyal customer since 1999 when I purchased my Road King Classic, this bike suffered a failure due to a faulty cam bearing replacement NOT done by this dealership and through no fault of my own metal fragments broke the crank position sensor and the machine died in the far reaches of Southwest Oregon. Im very happy to report that they each manager collaborated a plan to get me a new 103 engine and new oil cooler at a very reasonable cost to me although there was no warranty in place. Now I have what I consider a brand new bike with a new engine warranty and now problems! Thank you for the help! (Employee: Mark Schwartz, Teresa U, Ed Wallace)
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Mark Niehaus
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