Awesome crew!
Hey Ed, Destination Harley is a one of kind atmosphere. You have the best sales people who work hard to find the bike you really want. Ray in parts, that guy, I go to him for a bolt and leave with $500 in parts. Guy know his stuff. Service department is loaded with experience and dedication to the customer. The clothing people are all to happy to help and work tirelessly to keep your inventory stocked, neat and orderly. Its a great family of people you have. Another reason I like Destination Harley Davidson is it is not a desperate acting dealer. J*t c*&y Harley has called me countless times before and after I purchased from Destination. Even after I told them I just purchased a bike. 4 times before the purchase of CVO I get a call about a bike that is a great deal, drive all the way over there, 4 times in row, to find out the bike was just sold, but take a look over here at these is always the response. What ever it takes to get mr there and try to sell me something I can't afford. We'll defer payments for six months. Push push push. Never will I buy a bike from anywhere other than Destination. Great place, great people, great product! Thank you Ed! (Employee: Brent Ecklor, Desirae Silvia, Josh Reyes, Raymond Shaw)
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William Beaulieu
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