Stage 2
Everyone you have working for you is amazing. I'm always, without fail greeted at the front door. As little as that may seem to some, it's huge to me. The ladies are all very nice and fun! Allen is my hero! He knows his stuff and I completely trust him and his guidance. He is quality people! I would like the other employees that worked on my bike to be recognized also, unfortunately I don't know who they are, but I'm guessing you can find out. Even the people that take my money in the service department are awesome. I've been to other Harley by far are the best! Your customer service is above and beyond what I expect! That says it all. Now, my 2020 Heritage...the bike I've been dreaming about all of my life sounds freaking beefy and bad a** and the added power is welcomed! I'm a very happy customer and I spread that word! Thank you for making dreams come true for us crazy bikers who need wind therapy to stay sane! (Employee: Allen )
Lora Maclean
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