Enjoyed my first purchase so much I bought a second bike
Ed, Your dealership family is on point. First Brent and Nikki found me an amazing twin cam CVO ultra limited. They heard me when I told them what I was looking for that the wife and I could enjoy. You staff really listens to the customer. Never any push, and they don't do the disappointing, annoying, show you everything in the store if they don't have a bike that meets your criteria in hopes you'll buy anything. But what they can do is make sure that you want to come back to Destination Harley. That's exactly what I did. The first buying experience was so smooth, accurate and thorough I had to do it again. AGAIN Brent and Nikki found the right bike that they knew I was gonna love. They nailed it. Bought that 15th anniversary Fatboy, super light and fast!! Ray Shaw immediately had a list of everything that somehow he knew I wanted. Still working on that the list. That store is always organized. Clothing section is always neat and orderly so finding sizes is easy as well. If you thought purchasing a bike the first time was a great experience, wait till you get another one. Destination folks. Huge used inventory as well as the latest models and you see the prices walking in the door, no haggling or having to talk to a sales person if you don't want to. However you should, great people. Lots of knowledge under that roof. Wife gave me permission lol for a third bike. I'll be back. (Employee: Brent Ecklor, Ray Shaw, Nikki Smith)
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William Beaulieu
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