Things that matter
How you are greeted, how are you treated, how do feel about the interaction from staff even if it is unclear if you are a lookylu. I came in looking for old demo model to ride so as not to sully a new bike, Phil H basically said nonsense, ride the one you want. Leroy J then finished up the demo and I did not wind up buying. To the point, after a few weeks and now ready to buy, started looking around for the color I wanted found that it was not at Tacoma destination. I could have bought it elsewhere but do to the experience and comfort felt with the interaction of the Phil and Leroy, I decided to purchase from you, knowing full well this would be a long process (3 months) I am not a patient person especially spending this kind of $ however, its the little things like how you treat and make people feel that matter! (Employee: Leroy Johnson)
Tyrone Hairston
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