Waterpump Replacement
My 2016 Tri Glide waterpump went out on a ride. I called Destination HD service and made appointment for diagnostic on June 26. I needed a new waterpump which they indicated could be installed around July 10 or 14. I let the service rep know I had a 10 day ride planned starting on July 9. He called me back and let me know they would have the trike ready before July 8. The service department called me a 7 pm on June 30, and said the trike was ready for pickup. The service department went above and beyond to get me on the road. I highly recommend Destination HD service for any issue that may arrise. I like the bike pickup that can be used through Destination HD. I have already scheduled my 30,000 mile service when I return from my 10 day ride. Two thumbs UP!
James Stockdale
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