fixed another dealers huge mistake and helped customization come out perfect
Bought 2019 Road Glide from a dealer in Lynwood who added stage 2 at 100 miles. When I picked it up at Lynwood they asked me how long has your check engine light been on?.....they said it was a TPS light. I didn't trust them for various reasons, and took to Destination who immediately found out limp mode, broken air cleaner backing plate installed by Lynwood, broken wire harness from poor install, bike is in limp mode.....and oh yes BTW you have 24 ounces extra oil in the crank case from previous dealer initial bike set up. WOW...Destination to the rescue. For mods I picked out some parts, some HD, some not and Destination did a perfect job advising, helping, moved the project along. I even threw a new one at them they had no problem with, empty speaker pods for the tour pak that they also added CVO lights. You might not know but if you add a detachable tour pak with speakers a fault code will trip when you take it off. This bike replaced my 2015 CVO but can be 2 up or solo, and nothing looks like it on the road thanks to Destination, Cooper in parts was amazing and Andrew was the glue, this is the best HD dealer I have ever worked with. Thank you for having the integrity I expect. (Employee: Andrew Biernacki)
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ken aduddell
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