The hunt for the elusive Pan America
I had been looking at the Pan America for a while now. The bike is actually everything I dreamed of, but when it first came out I was hesitant to purchase a brand new design without seeing how it panned out first (Ba-Da-DUM!). As a result, when I finally knew that it was the bike for me, it was virtually sold out nation wide. I had tried other dealers, but no one really seemed to want to even try to help me. I kept being told that the were sold out, that they weren't making them any more, and to wait for next years model. No would put forth any effort whatsoever to even look into it. The mission did indeed seem impossible! The number one selling Adventure-Touring bike in the United States would not be an easy objective! Knowing exactly what I wanted (a Pan America Special any color but orange and cream) I contacted Nikki Smith at Destination Harley-Davidson. I asked her to please take down my information, and let me know if and when something came available. She was hard at work looking for one within the first 5 minutes of our phone call. While still on the phone, she informed me that she found only one in the local area, and explained that if a dealer had one, it was usually already reserved. I told her I was willing to wait, and resigned myself to attempting to build upon that wonderfully overrated virtue called patience. Did I say Mission Impossible?! Well....I should have said Mission Improbable! Or maybe Mission Stand Back and Watch This! Within minutes Nikki found out that the bike was not pre-sold and pounced like a cheetah taking down a baby gazelle!! She let me know that the bike was on the way, and asked me to fill out a credit app online. From there, Nikki and her Finance Manager Derek walked me through the purchase process with ease, giving me a very generous value for my trade in and getting me the payment I want! The whole experience was as smooth as a Swiss watch! The most difficult part for me would be waiting for the bike to arrive! When the call came that it had arrived I went to the store with my trade in. Nikki turned me over to Andrew who was very thorough in going over the bike with me. They then took me down the pathway introducing me to key members of the team to help me with my purchase. Alan in Parts managed to get me a top bag. I was very pleasantly surprised at this, because parts for the Pan America are hard to come by right now. I then met Andrew in the Service Department who went over the few known issues with this new model and how to resolve them should they occur (got 100 miles on the bike so far and NO issues!), and finally Julie in Finance who went over every aspect of the deal with me. At every point I was connected with people who are consummate professionals who really enjoy what they do! It was an awesome experience! The ride home was something I will never forget! This bike is everything I had hoped for and more, and I got it sooner that I dreamed possible thanks to Nikki, Derek, and the gang at Destination Harley-Davidson! I extend to them my heartfelt gratitude and encourage and recommend that anyone looking for their next purchase to check them out! They definitely provided me a refreshing experience in a world where true customer service seems to be a thing of the past! (Employee: Andrew Rawson, Andrew Biernacki, Derek WILKINSON, Julie Packer, Nikki Smith)
Herbert Johnston
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